Lightness, elegance and brightness are the notes which make Paola Tomasini’s creations distinctive.
Lavic stone, coral, semi-precious stones are combined with elements strictly hand made by the artist in glass, ceramic and silver.
Combinations of rough and smooth–satinized and shiny surfaces create unusual contrasts, expressing a value bond to design and research of shape more than the preciousness of materials.
The making of silver jewellery starts from the pure metal which is alloyed to a certain quantity of copper by fusion, to obtain a 925 silver bar.
Working the bar with a machine called a sheet rolling mill, it becomes a sheet or wire, thus representing the start for the making of any object.
It is therefore possible to draw, cut, file and weld it to obtain the designed piece.
The last stage is the finishing, which decides the look to be given to the surface: beaten, shiny, satinized…