House ware or unique art pieces can be created moulding clay in several techniques: by shredded body, handbuilding slabs or using a potter’s wheel.
A piece gets life from shapeless matter which is then left to dry perfectly before having the first firing.
After this process of firing, which has to be very slow to prevent breakages, the glazing of the piece can start : it can be carried out by immersion, sprinkling, spraying or by brush.
Apart from the usual glazes, it is possible to use effect glazes or put in oxides or other components, for striking effects.
Then a second process of firing is carried out in which the glazes “matures” and blends upon the surface of the piece.
It is interesting to see the contrast between the glazed part, which is shiny and coloured and the not-glazed one, rough and opaque.
A contrast between natural and artificial, expression of the double nature of the object and of the artist who created it.